Southern Methodist University

The Pit Shark is one of the best pieces of equipment to come along in quite some time. When designing a facility, there are certain pieces you cannot do without (racks, benches, platforms, leg press, DB's, various machines, etc.) Then you add the bells and whistles when you have budget leftover. The Pit Shark will be in the first category because of its ability to function as multiple pieces, while utilizing a very small footprint. The "Old School" movements that we always wish we could do, but aren't able to because of set up time, and a Head Coach's fear of injury, are now available. Belt Squats and weighted dips take too long to setup, weighted chin-ups are great, but hanging from a 9 foot rack with 100lbs strapped to a kid has a high risk factor. The Pit Shark does all of these, plus more, with no setup and a low risk percentage!

The Pit Shark is a vital tool when dealing with certain athletes that are restricted because of flexibility or injury, and is a safe and convenient way of getting players beyond their previous marks. I have used the Pit Shark in our program this last year, and have seen tremendous increases in all of our Core Lifts (Clean, Squat, and Bench Press). The ability to put an athlete through a high percentage squat routine without the vertebra load has been something that only Belt squats would previously allow. Because of time restraint, not to mention setting up boxes, lugging DB's or weight plates to the area, it wasn't very efficient, which only allowed a select few athletes to participate. With the Pit Shark, you can take many athletes through the same routine, and the results of an entire team can increase dramatically.

The service that Rick and Janie provided was unbelievable! I requested a Pit Shark and within a few days, they had packed one up in the truck, drove to Dallas, and installed the piece in our facility. Many companies claim to customize their equipment to fit the needs we all have, but because of Mass production, usually done offsite, the so-called custom pieces fall short of what we had in mind. I made a couple of request for our athletes, and without hesitation, Rick and Janie built exactly what I had in mind.

I have been very weary of gimmicky pieces that claim to be the "Next Big Thing", but I am very confident if given an opportunity in your weight room, you will not be disappointed.

Needless to say, I am very happy with our Pit Shark, and the only problem I have now, is that I only have 1! Hint Hint

Vic Viloria
Director of Strength & Conditioning
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, Texas